Embracing the current revolution of Fintech. The old financial world is being disrupted by new technologies. Do you wanna be part of the disrupted or the disruptors?


AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Robotics, Algotrading… We will try to understand the differences and their impact on on the financial world.


From 0 to $17,900 to…? Either or not you believe Bitcoin is a bubble, the technology behind it – Blockchain – is believed to disrupt our every-day life as the internet did.


BTC, ETH, LTC, BTH, XRP, XMR… Beyond the current hype of cryptos there is a revolutionary future, with related risks, challenges and societal issues that need to be addressed.



Our interests. Our passions. Our community.
Our interests. Our passionOur interests. Our passions. Our community.s. Our communiy
.The Fintech Society is a newly founded association within the University of Strathclyde. If you want to be the touchpoint between students, academia and business leaders concerning the extremely disrupting financial technologies, this is the place for you. Our main focus will revolve around Fintech-related topics (Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, AI etc) which we will discuss during our monthly sessions and workshops in collaboration with the Strathclyde Investment society. This society is open to everyone, no knowledge of the subject is required to take part in it! So get involved and feel free to send us a message to find out more!

Welcome to the SFS!

Hello everybody and welcome to the official website of the Strathclyde Fintech Society! We are a newly formed society within the University of Strathclyde, and are generally interested in the disruptive revolution that technology brings to the world of Finance. Don’t worry if you have no technical background, this society is open to everyone and 

Contact           University of Strathclyde, Glasgow                      phone number +4477777777