Hello everybody and welcome to the official website of the Strathclyde Fintech Society!

We are a newly formed society within the University of Strathclyde, and are generally interested in the disruptive revolution that technology brings to the world of Finance. Don’t worry if you have no technical background, this society is open to everyone and no prior knowledge of the matter is required to get involved!

Our main purpose is to spread the word and explain in plain English how Finance is being disrupted by innovations such as Blockchain, decentralized means of payments, cryptocurrencies, digital payment systems and many more that will change how we interact with our funds on a daily basis.

Throughout the semester, we aim to bring you regular events where we will introduce a trending topic, with guest speakers from the field to present the practitioner’s point of view and have a Q&A session at the end.

Our long-term goals are to expand our network by partnering up with other University societies, boost our employability by actively seeking the new skill-set that our ever-changing world requires and be the disruptors of tomorrow’s financial landscape.

For the business-oriented people we will aim to:

  1. Provide the basic technical knowledge they need to understand the new financial products that technology brings
  2. Push them to think about the potential of such innovations and the creative ways they can be put to practice
  3. Actively expand their knowledge about today’s financial landscape and how to navigate it

For the tech-oriented people we will try to:

  1. Provoke their imagination to create new products and prototypes (why not create a StrathCoin?)
  2. Show them the business implications of what computer science and engineering can bring to the Financial world
  3. Provide real practice on new technologies

As you can see, the society is not only aimed at Finance and Economics students but also presents a point of interest for Engineering and Computer Science students, amongst all other that have interest in both Technology and Finance.

After all, we are exploring the intersect where both collide, so don’t be shy, come and get involved!

We are currently planning an event for the end of January with a focus on cryptocurrencies, so stay tuned!